N° 1 Cedron
39 Km h 4.00 Alta

ROUTE N°1 Passo Tonale / M.ga Verniana / M.ga Saviana / M.ga Boai / Vermiglio / Passo Tonale

This is a marvellous ride that runs on different grounds, with passages among the ruins of the Austrian forts of the First World War. The crossing of the three alpine valleys Strino, Verniana and Saviana is particularly exciting also for the remarkable views on the glaciers of the Presanella range. The name “Cedron” refers to the natural habitat of the wood grouse.

N° 2 Pizalegn
35 Km h 3.30 Media

ROUTE N°2 Passo Tonale / Mirandola / Rio Strino / Vermiglio / Fucine / Passo Tonale

This circular route runs along both sides of the higher Val di Sole, riding almost always through wonderful softwood forests, which are the natural habitat of the woodpecker (Pizalegn) that builds his nest and finds his food on these old and twisted trees. 

N° 3 Ors
19 Km h 2.30 Media

ROUTE N°3 Laghetti Vermiglio / Ossana / Valpiana / Laghetti Vermiglio

This fascinating tour runs on the many different kinds of ground of the northern side of torrent Vermigliana. The presence of the brown bear has been attested here since the ancient times. He was attracted into these shady woods by the presence of flocks and herds. During this itinerary you can also see and visit the medieval castle of Ossana, the verdant Val Piana and, if you make a brief diversion, the so-called “Masi” of Palù, which are typical farmhouses.

N° 4 Tas
12 Km h 1.30 Facile

ROUTE N°4 Laghetti Vermiglio / Baita Velon / M.ga Cadin / T. Vermigliana / Laghetti Vermiglio

This is an easy and few demanding route through the beautiful valley bottom of the torrent Vermigliana, from the little lakes of S. Leonardo to the wooded rest area “Le Viscle” and, with a brief detour, into the charming Val Stavel. The name given to this itinerary derives from the habitat of the badger, with its unmistakable black-and-white striped muzzled that lives in its setts (the badger’s lairs) nearby the wood and comes out during the night wandering through the meadows in search of food.

N° 5 Taina
11 Km h 2.00 Facile

ROUTE N°5 Passo Tonale / Alveo Presena

This easy and physically few demanding route takes us to a real high-mountain environment, which is the worthy habitat of the ptarmigan (the so-called “Taina”). We get to a charming little alpine lake through imposing spectacular rocky ridges and glaciers that originates impetuous mountain creeks and steep water falls.

N° 6 Marmota
12 Km h 2.00 Facile

ROUTE N°6 Passo Tonale / Mirandola / M.ga Valbiolo / Passo Tonale

This easy itinerary leads to the valley of the Rio Valbiolo. Its name refers to the natural habitat of the very many marmots that live in this place. It is possible to meet them along the way or hear them whistle to alert the presence of strangers and finally see them slip into their underground lairs.

N° 7 Camos
28 Km h 3.30' Alta

ROUTE N°7 Ponte di Legno / Case di Viso / Rif. Bozzi / Dosso di Meda / Ponte di Legno

This amazing tour runs within the wonderful Stelvio National Park. It is also very demanding for length, elevation gain and height. The different grounds you have to ride on test you technical abilities but your toil will be rewarded by the beauty of its natural landscapes, such as the spectacular views on the valley of Ponte di Legno and on the Valle di Pezzo. During the route you will see some interesting historical buildings of the First World War, you will pass through a village named Case di Viso, which still preserves the typical alpine architecture, you will surely meet the wild animals of the mountains and watch the rich flora of the Alps, and finally you can have a rest at a farmhouse or dairy farm and also buy its produce too.

N° 8 Cerf
14 Km h 2.30 Media

ROUTE N°8 Ponte di Legno / Valbione / Maralsina / Casola / Mezzullo / Ponte di Legno

This is a very pleasant and few demanding route, which runs on the hydrographic left side between Ponte di Legno and Temù. In very little time you reach the top end of the wood and dominate higher Valle Camonica from above.

N° 9 Leor
16 Km h 1.30 Media

ROUTE N°9 Ponte di Legno / Precasaglio / Arsen / Precasaglio / Pezzo / Talas / Ponte di Legno

This route has no remarkable slopes, but is really nice as well, both up- and downhill on the dirt roads that run alongside the two slopes of the Valle di Pezzo.

N°10 Daù
22 Km h 2.00 Media

ROUTE N°10 Passo Tonale / Vescasa / Case di Viso / S.Apollonia / Ponte di Legno

During this few demanding tour you will also make use of the cable car from Ponte di Legno to Tonale and enjoy both the descent and the ride on a wide opened route within a beautiful natural environment. 

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