ROUTE N°1 Passo Tonale / Verniana / Saviana / Boai / Vermiglio / Passo Tonale

This is a marvellous ride that runs on different grounds, with passages among the ruins of the Austrian forts of the First World War. The crossing of the three alpine valleys Strino, Verniana and Saviana is particularly exciting also for the remarkable views on the glaciers of the Presanella range. The name “Cedron” refers to the natural habitat of the wood grouse.


Quick Info

  • Recommended Period: June/October
  • Lenght: km 39
  • Ascent:  m 1.350
  • Average Elevation:  6 %
  • Average Time: h 4.00
  • Asphalt: 3 %
  • Dirt: 92 %
  • Muletrack: 2 %
  • Single Track:  3 %
  • Difficulty: HARD

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From the Tonale Pass follow the dirt road to the Hospice San Bartolomeo (La Mirandola). At the junction in direction of the Val di Strino leave the Valbiolo road and go down to the right through the wide and panoramic pastures of the Tonale and enter the wood by the Forte Mero until you get to the fork to Forte Zaccarana with few ups and downs. Then go downhill on your right up to the beginning of the Val di Strino, where the forest thins out making you glimpse the fascinating natural amphitheatre of the valley. After crossing the Rio Strino, ride briefly along the meadows and go uphill through the wood up to Maga Mezzolo, an outstanding panoramic place on the opposite ridge of the “Adamello - Presanella”. The climb ends with a pleasant view of the Val di Sole, where you have to take a quite demanding trail that leads to Val Verniana gently sloping down. Ride across the Rio and go alongside the wide pasture beyond the Masi di Verniana, then climb uphill the forest road that gets to the Val Saviana, continue to Malga Boai, where you cannot do without stopping to admire the beautiful peaks on the opposite side. A long descent on a forest road leads you to the valley bottom. After going through Cortina’s old town, cross the torrent Vermigliana and climb on the opposite slopes up to the little lakes of Vermiglio. Proceed on the road running at the foot of the wood, go past the Masi of Volpaia, Poia and Stavel and then shortly alongside the Rio Presanella. Once you have passed through the meadows of “Cadin”, take the uphill road leading to the Rifugio Denza for a short stretch and by a switchback turn to Baita Velon. Then continue through the wood along the torrent Vermigliana up to Viscle, ride across a wooden bridge and shift on the hydrographic left side. Here you cross and take the nice military road to the Tonale Pass – which regularly and gently slopes up – then pass through the Malga Pecè and finally take the dirt road of the Alveo Presena. After some hundred meters of quite demanding climb, turn to the right, follow the pleasant keep-fit trail and get back to the Tonale Pass.

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