ITINERARIO N° 3 Passo del Mortirolo da Mazzo di Valtellina


Quick Info

  • Lunghezza: km 12,5
  • Dislivello in salita:  m 1300
  • Pendenza media in salita:  10,6 %
  • Pendenza massima: 18%

It is most famous for its climb gradients. Very challenging, with terrible strokes since the beginning.

You leave the urban centres and you dive into the Woods (almost the entire route is between trees and sheltered from the Sun) and slowly and laboriously climbs.

There are indications in kilometres along the way, only the altitudes of crossing each other give an idea of the climb.

You will encounter some hairpin bends halfway with very high gradients (20%). Only towards the end the slopes become more "walkable."

Two kilometres from the goal are the last hairpin bends but almost done. You pass the sign of Passo della Foppa and not far from the the Mortirolo pass.