ITINERARIO N° 2 Passo Mortirolo da Monno


Quick Info

  • Lunghezza: km 13
  • Dislivello in salita:  m 972
  • Pendenza media in salita:  7,5 %
  • Pendenza massima: 16%

Starting from Ponte di Legno descend until you reach the junction to Malik (about 15 km).

Here begins the climb after a few bends leads to the village of Monno, with brief jerking of slope up to a hairpin bend to the right, and then goes more smoothly.

You will pass other hairpin bends up to a flat section at the foot of the demanding course with gradients above the 12% that start after a bridge.

The climb is less demanding in the last hairpin bends until the refuge Passo Mortirolo and real leading to Deck in Valtellina.