ROUTE N°5 Passo Tonale / Alveo Presena

This easy and physically few demanding route takes us to a real high-mountain environment, which is the worthy habitat of the ptarmigan (the so-called “Taina”). We get to a charming little alpine lake through imposing spectacular rocky ridges and glaciers that originates impetuous mountain creeks and steep water falls.


Quick Info

  • Recommended Period: July/September
  • Lenght: km 11
  • Ascent:  m 400
  • Average Elevation:  8 %
  • Average Time: h 1.30
  • Asphalt: 7 %
  • Dirt: 93 %
  • Difficulty: EASY

After reaching the little sports ground south of the national road, take the nice keep-fit trail along the bottom of the northern side of the “Monticelli”. Then cross the “Alveo Presena” and take same-name the road, turn right and climb up to a rather dark and wet tunnel. At the exit of it a spectacular sight awaits us: a huge moraine amphitheatre dominated by the perpetual glaciers of the Cercen, the Busazza and the Presena. The dirt road continues up to the departure of an old chairlift no longer in use and, after a steep but short climb, proceed up to Alveo Presena, a marvellous place where the melting waters form an enchanting alpine lake. The return is on an easy descent along it.