ROUTE N°2 Passo Tonale / Mirandola / Rio Strino / Vermiglio / Fucine / Passo Tonale

This circular route runs along both sides of the higher Val di Sole, riding almost always through wonderful softwood forests, which are the natural habitat of the woodpecker (Pizalegn) that builds his nest and finds his food on these old and twisted trees. 


Quick Info

  • Recommended Period: June/October
  • Length: km 35
  • Ascent:  m 1.100
  • Average Elevation:  7 %
  • Average Time: h 3.30
  • Asphalt: 7 %
  • Dirt: 92 %
  • Muletrack:  1 %
  • Difficulty: MEDIUM

From the Tonale Pass follow the dirt road that goes past the Hospice San Bartolomeo (La Mirandola) and takes to Valbiolo. At the junction to the Val di Strino, go downhill to the right through the wide pastures of the Tonale. Enter the wood nearby the Forte Nero and reach the crossroads to the Forte Zaccarana with little up and down. Continue to the right up to the beginning of the Val di Strino. As soon as the forest thins out and you are able to make out the fascinating amphitheatre of the valley, pay attention to the junction: go down to your right for about 200 m until you get to further fork from whence you can distinguish the wooden bridge you have to ride across to reach the left bank of the Rio Strino and take the old road of the Tonale. This is the imperial road, which have joined the Val di Sole to the Val Camonica since the ancient times.

After a long and comfortable descent you get to the Rio Finale: according to the legend in this dark and narrow place you can meet the brigand Paol Pe, who often used to attack and rob travellers to and from the Val Camonica. You have to pay attention while crossing the 200-m watershed along a quite overhanging trail (presence of chains). At the end of it, if fortune helped us avoiding the brigand, a wonderful sight of the northern face of the Presanella awaits us. The descent continues on the imperial road, then cross the nice stone bridge on the Rio San Leonardo and, by the following junction, turn right up to the village of Vermiglio, to the castle “del Dazi”, where the prince bishop collected the taxes on all transiting goods. This concerned the whole higher part of Vermiglio up to the hamlet of Cortina. Then go past the church, leave the village, turn to the left and take the imperial road again (Via del Sant), through huge abandoned fields, that leads to the first houses of Fucine. Go uphill the national road 42 “del Passo del Tonale” for 500 m until you reach the small bridge on the Rio Vermigliana. Continue on the dirt road that goes alongside the orographic right of the Val di Sole up to the beautiful little lakes of Vermiglio and - further on - to the wide plain of Stavel with pleasant ups and downs. Ride across the bridge on the torrent Presanella, proceed on an asphalt road for a short stretch and then take the dirt road of Maso Cadin, while running alongside the ruins of the barracks of the First World War. Within the spectacular panorama offered by the glaciers of the Presanella, get to the military road taking to Denza mountain hut. Climb it for a while up to a switchback where you have to turn to the right in direction to the Velon hut and proceed through the wood just nearby the torrent Vermigliana. As you come to Viscle, turn right and shift on the opposite side by crossing a wooden bridge. After a descent of some hundred meters, turn to the left and continue uphill through the meadows of Malga Pecè, headquarters of an Austro-Hungarian command during the First World War (the oldest conifers still show the signs of the Italian grenades). Proceed towards the Tonale Pass, turn left at the crossroads and take the street of the Alveo Presena for about 400 m up to the junction with the keep-fit trail, which will gently lead you to the end of this tour.