ROUTE N°58 Ponte di Legno / Precasaglio /Plas de Ves / Prebaldui Prisigai / Sommalbosco / S. Apollonia / 2° tornante Gavia Pezzo / Case di Viso / Ponte dei Buoi / Ponte di Legno

This is a demanding tour, but it will reward you with the spectacular views of the peaks and glaciers that surround the valley of Ponte di Legno and the valleys of Pezzo.


Quick Info

  • Recommended Period: June/October
  • Length: km 30
  • Ascent:  m 1.300
  • Average Elevation:  9 %
  • Average Time: h 4.00
  • Asphalt: 33 %
  • Dirt: 47 %
  • Muletrack:  6 %
  • Single track: 14 %
  • Difficulty: HARD

From Ponte di Legno go to the centre of Precasaglio; with a sharp left turn reach the western line of the village, where the off-road route begins. Proceed on a dirt road westwards until you take the beautiful military road (regular 1 in 10 gradient) that leads to the fascinating rest area in Plas de Ves. After 2 Km on the forest track towards west, a short but very steep climb starts (25% slope) and gets to a Case Predalbuino (1768 m), a remarkable panoramic point where you can refill with water. Turn right and leave the route N.11 Stambèc, follow the toiling but charming military road (average slope 16 %, pebbly good surface) that gets to Prisigai (2159 m), an outstanding balcony on the peaks and glaciers of the Adamello – Presanella range. Return on the same road for only 200 m and turn left on a very technical single track that leads you to the marvellous huts in Somalbosco (1954 m). The next coming downhill to S. Apollonia is really exciting, especially for the keenest free-riders. In S. Apollonia you can descent to Ponte di Legno on the Gavia road if you are exhausted. Otherwise our route continues to the opposite direction uphill the length of the same road for about 1,5 Km up to a switchback, where you take a mule track going down to the hamlet of Pezzo. Turn left and proceed on asphalt to Case di Viso. As the road begins to level, keep to the left to leave the asphalt and take the dirt road that passes through the ‘Case dei Monti’ and gets to Case di Viso with a wide tour. Cross the little bridge on the Arcanello creek and shift on the left slope of the valley, along which we will descend up to the junction with the level road of the Tonalina. By the crossroads turn right and start the steep downhill track, porphyry cobbled at first, that will take us back to Ponte dei Buoi and then to Ponte di Legno.