ROUTE N°8 Ponte di Legno / Valbione / Maralsina / Casola / Mezzullo / Ponte di Legno

This is a very pleasant and few demanding route, which runs on the hydrographic left side between Ponte di Legno and Temù. In very little time you reach the top end of the wood and dominate higher Valle Camonica from above.


Quick Info

  • Recommended Period: June/October
  • Length: km 14
  • Ascent:  m 650
  • Average Elevation:  8,5 %
  • Average Time: h 2.30
  • Asphalt: 24%
  • Dirt: 74%
  • Muletrack:  2 %
  • Difficulty: MEDIUM

The first 4-km stretch is on the military road towards the plain of Valbione and is the best training for the next-coming toils. Visit this hamlet riding alongside the pretty lake up to the huts and the wide golf course. Then cross the ski runs, go through the wood and take the demanding road to Santa Giulia. The many switchbacks make the route pleasant and easier: after counting 14 of them you get to cross a ski run. Ride uphill on it for one hundred meters, turn right and take the forest road to the huts and the inn in “La Maralsina” and, after running through the valley of the same name, to Casola. This is the beginning of a spectacular stretch with amazing views on the peaks of the opposite mountain side. Here is the wood particularly full of mushrooms and if you are lucky you can find some on your roadside and pick them up. Then go past the Roccolo Ventura hut, turn to the left at the first switchback and reach “Mezzullo”. Go through this enchanting hamlet, turn downhill to the right, paying attention to the considerable slope. As you get to the forest road to Temù, turn left and continue downhill for 1 km. Then turn right on the road that leads to “Petenec” with an amusing series of ups and downs. Leave the mountain hut on your left; proceed downhill until you reach the road that links Temù with Ponte di Legno along the line of the wood. Go uphill to the right until you cross the road of Valbione and return to the starting point.