ROUTE N°7 Ponte di Legno / Case di Viso / Rif. Bozzi / Dosso di Meda / Ponte di Legno

This amazing tour runs within the wonderful Stelvio National Park. It is also very demanding for length, elevation gain and height. The different grounds you have to ride on test you technical abilities but your toil will be rewarded by the beauty of its natural landscapes, such as the spectacular views on the valley of Ponte di Legno and on the Valle di Pezzo. During the route you will see some interesting historical buildings of the First World War, you will pass through a village named Case di Viso, which still preserves the typical alpine architecture, you will surely meet the wild animals of the mountains and watch the rich flora of the Alps, and finally you can have a rest at a farmhouse or dairy farm and also buy its produce too.


Quick Info

  • Recommended Period: July/September
  • Lenght: km 28
  • Ascent:  m 1.300
  • Average Elevation:  9 %
  • Average Time: h 3.30
  • Asphalt: 25%
  • Dirt: 42 %
  • Muletrack:  13 %
  • Single track: 20 %
  • Difficulty: HARD

From Ponte di Legno ride through the hamlets of Zoanno and Precasaglio and take the road of the Gavia (in Planpezzo, visit the Romanesque Church of Sant’Apollonio of the XI C., which is considered one of the oldest churches of the whole Valle Camonica) and reach Santa Apollonia. Here you have to do a sharp U-turn to the right and take a gentle dirt road going uphill to the fascinating plain of Case di Giuoco and continuing up to the centre of Pezzo. Go past the church and proceed towards Case di Viso on a typical mule-track. Cross the ‘Pont di Martinui’ bridge and shift on the orographic left side of the valley and follow the dirt road to the enchanting rural hamlet of Case di Viso (1760 m). Keep on climbing and after two switchbacks you get to the rest area “Pra del Rum”. Turn to the right and start the hard ascent on the military road that takes to the Bozzi Hut (2.480 m), surrounded by the recently restored trenches of the First World War, which deserves a visit.


Back on your bike, ride for about 300 m up to the crossroads with the CAI trail n. 2 and follow it by turning to the left. After a downhill bumpy stretch, a wonderful 4-km single track begins, which leads to the Dosso di Meda (2180 m) through enchanting rhododendron bushes, a spectacular natural balcony on the valley of Ponte di Legno. Here a steep but amusing alternative route goes down to the right on a grassy trail, reaches the forest road that leads onto the “strada della Tonalina” and gets to Talasso. The main track continues instead halfway down the slope for another 3 Km up to the panoramic underlying hill Cima Le Sorti. 4 steep switchbacks break off the direction for a while and allow a 160-m elevation loss in order to reach the junction with the Vescasa trail. Proceed then towards East on a forest track and, after passing through the Val de Lares, cross a ski run and ride across the Rio Vallazza up to the coloured prairies of the Tonale Pass. Reach the national road and follow it towards Ponte di Legno, then continue on the old dirt road of the Tonale, go past the Scuola Italiana di Sleddog (Italian Sled dog School) with its beautiful Siberian Huskies. As you get to an aedicula, climb up to the right on a mule track that reaches the road of the Tonale, cross it and proceed up to Vescasa Alta, a spectacular balcony on the valley of Ponte di Legno. Get to the end of the dirt road with some ups and downs and take a steep trail, which passes through a softwood forest and reaches Talasso with a beautiful single track. Turn right and ride carefully on the steep downhill signed trail “C.A.I. n. 2” (you will probably meet hikers climbing uphill on this trail, so pay attention!) which takes you back to Ponte di Legno.

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