ROUTE N°9 Ponte di Legno / Precasaglio / Arsen / Precasaglio / Pezzo / Talas / Ponte di Legno

This route has no remarkable slopes, but is really nice as well, both up- and downhill on the dirt roads that run alongside the two slopes of the Valle di Pezzo.


Quick Info

  • Periodo consigliato: giugno/ottobre
  • Lunghezza: km 16
  • Dislivello in salita:  m 500
  • Pendenza media in salita:  8 %
  • Tempo medio di percorrenza: h 1.30
  • Asfalto: 42%
  • Sterrato: 44%
  • Mulattiera:  6%
  • Single track: 8
  • Difficoltà: MEDIA

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From Ponte di Legno reach the centre of Precasaglio, turn sharply left and take Via S. Rocco. At the end of the hamlet proceed on the ups and downs of the renewed “strada Carolingia”: here begins the real off-road track. Then ride on the military road of Sommalbosco up to the third switchback and – by the junction – turn right towards Arsen, a beautiful clearing at 1.574 meters’ height, which dominates the valley of Ponte di Legno from above. Keep to your right and - by the last hut - continue riding paying great attention to the following steep downhill stretch (the less advanced riders should walk). Then take the road that passes through Val Avèrta and comes down to Precasaglio, where it is possible to meet some roe deer. Get to the asphalt road and ride on it up to the Ponte di Buoi, cross the national road of the Gavia and proceed on the “strada vecchia di Pezzo” (Pezzo’s old road). After three switchbacks on an easy dirt track, reach the lower part of the hamlet and – at the crossroads – continue to the right gently sloping down until you cross the Arcanello creek. The following 2 km on a plain road allow the tired ones to relax, while the most advanced bikers can use the hardest gears. As you get to Talasso, go downhill on your right towards the meadows and take the signed C.A.I. n. 2 trail. Ride carefully on the steep downhill that leads you back to Ponte di Legno (you will probably meet hikers going uphill the trail).